How to Season Cast Iron on Stove\

How to Season Cast Iron on Stove? (Avoid Doint This)

Cast iron cookware is now being used quite commonly. They are found in everyone’s home and have proved to be of great help. Whether you have to cook something or fry it, the best-cast iron skillets cookware never fails to please us. It has been proven to be quite durable for many years. However, it required maintenance. It demands the right care which will make it last longer. Well, we have got you all a simple, uncomplicated, and effortless method that will teach you how to season cast iron on the stove. This method will take you by surprise due to its superb convenience. 

Protecting the surface from the development of rut is not the sole advantage of seasoning. It adds so much flavor and taste to the food. Further, it also keeps the food from sticking while cooking. Lastly, it enhances life and durability, making the cookware last for years. Therefore, one should not neglect that. If you are wondering that it would take hours and requires tedious work, you are wrong. It takes minimal effort and consumes only a fraction of useful time and the cookware will be seasoned. Dive in to know the complete and thorough method. 

How to Season Cast Iron on Stove\

How to Season Cast Iron on the Stove- The Step-By-Step Detailed Guide 

Do you have a pan that has been left neglected for a long time so that now it is a bit corroded? Don’t you worry as this method will even clean that pan as well? Many people are of the opinion that cast iron cookware should not be exposed to water and dishwashers. However, you can clean the pan with water using a dishwasher, provided you perfectly dry it afterward. You can scrub it well using soap for thorough cleaning but never forget the drying part. Even more important yet neglected is the seasoning part. Dive in to know each and every step in detail. 

Scrubbing and Cleaning 

Let us move towards the first step of the seasoning process which is scrubbing to ensure thorough cleaning. Under the lukewarm water, bring in the cast iron cookware. This has to be scrubbed using a plastic scrubber which is light and easy on the cast iron surface. Then, use a mild dishwashing soap which will clean the surface perfectly. 

However, if the pan has developed any rust and corrosion and demands treating, then use a steel scrubber. This scrubber scratches the rust out of the pan, making it appear cleaner. Under the action of water, ensure that all the dishwasher particles are completely washed off. This is how your cast iron pan can be cleaned. This is the preliminary step leading to the seasoning process which should not be neglected. 

Drying the Pan 

After you have cleaned the cast iron cookware, you can then dry the pan. You can use a clean cloth or either a paper towel and gently clean the surface. Run the cloth multiple times to ensure that no water droplets are left on the pan. Leaving the moisture results in the development of rust which eventually diminishes life. Hence, thorough drying is recommended and is desirable. 

After you have cleaned the pan using a cloth, you then need to place it over the stovetop. You need to place it for a couple of minutes which will ensure moisture removal. The pan is now ready to be seasoned. 

Applying the Oil 

Next, you have to apply a thin, even and thorough layer of oil all across the cast iron cookware. You have to apply the oil inside as well as outside, covering the complete surface of cast iron cookware. You need to apply the right amount of oil which is just enough to cover the cast iron cookware. The excess needs to be removed using a clean cloth. After wiping out the excess oil, you should proceed towards the heating step. 

Heating the Pan

This is the second last step of seasoning. You need to put the cast iron cookware on the stove. Provide it with a medium flame. You have to keep it on the stove for less than 15 minutes. 10 minutes is the usual average. Once the oil gets converted into a layer of plastic and seems absorbed, put the flame off. You need to reapply the oil now and heat it again fr 10 minutes. This process has to be repeated at least five times for effective seasoning results. 


Maintenance is very essential for cast iron cookware. Each time you use the pan make sure to dry it and store it in a dry place. Humidity will result in corrosion and resultantly decreased life. Therefore, always take care of cast iron cookware. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

It doesn’t take long to season cast iron on the stove. The average time which is required to season cast iron is around 10 minutes. This time will be enough to perfectly season cast iron cookware on the stove which will protect it from rust and corrosion. 

Yes, you can season cast iron without an oven. You don’t need to worry if you do not have an oven. You can instead season the cast iron cookware on the stove. This will consume very less time and will make your cast iron cookware seasoned perfectly. 

All cooking oils can be used for seasoning the surface of cast iron. However, you need to look for vegetable oil or either canola oil as their effectiveness is the highest. Moreover, what oil you choose to season the cast iron cookware also depends upon the availability. Therefore, go for the one which has the highest effectiveness based on what is available to you.

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