How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan After Cooking

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan After Cooking – Steps You Need to Know

One cannot deny the importance of a cast iron grill pan in the kitchen. It is a vital tool when it comes to cooking a lot of delicious meals. However, after you have finished cooking meals, it is necessary to give it a good wash. Well, cleaning cast iron cookware can be quite tricky. This is due to its surface being so sensitive. Therefore, in this extensive guide, we will be explaining how to clean cast iron grill pan after cooking. 

Taking the right care of cast iron contributes to its long life. Moreover, it also ensures non-stickiness which is highly desired during cooking. In order to make your cast iron grill pan a true kitchen champ for generations, you need to adhere to the following cleaning tips and methods. These are very simple and don’t require much of your effort. In addition to that, it consumes very little time. What else do you want? Dive in! 

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan After Cooking

How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Grill Pan After Cooking- Simple Yet Effective Methods 

Down below are the most effective yet extremely simple methods to get the cast iron grill pan cleaned. From using boiling water to using salt solution, from soap to simple salt, these methods are tested and tried. You would surely be pleased by the convenience these methods promise. Read on to know all about these cleaning methods. 

1. Use of Boiling Water 

If you have just finished cooking, there is a high probability that the pan has a lot of food residue. Starting off with the simplest method, you can use boiling water to get it removed. However, you should note that this method works only with the grill pans having sides of appreciable heights. Let us proceed to the effortless method. 

You need to take the grill pan and put 2-3 glasses of tap water. Put the pan on the stove and turn the flame on. Set it on medium heat. You will notice that the food residue will start to come off the surface after a couple of minutes. You can use any spatula to scratch the food. This will assist in loosening up the stuck food. 

After you have cleaned it, leave it for 10-15 minutes so that it cools down. After it has attained the room temperature, throw away the scratched residue and the water. Rinse the cast iron grill pan with lukewarm water to clean it. Now, dry the grill pan with paper towel or clean cloth. 

2. Treating with Salt Along With Water 

Seasoning plays an important role when it comes to cast iron cookware. As detergent is known to destroy the seasoning, salt is a much better solution. The kosher salt is the best one as it heroes all the burnt food from the cast iron pan without damaging the seasoning. Let us explain to you how to use kosher salt along with water to effectively clean the grill pan

Let the pan cool once you have done cooking food. Make it attain a warm temperature. The temperature should be more or less the same as lukewarm water’s temperature. Cover the whole grill pan surface with a lot of kosher salt. It should be a generous amount. Now, add in the lukewarm water in the concentration so that a thick paste is formed. Take a soft sponge to rub the kosher salt paste on the grill pan. Scrub it well to remove all the food residue. Rinse the pan and the cleaning is done! 

3. Rubbing With Salt 

If you are really of the belief that water should not come in contact with cast iron cookware then this method is for you. This is just as effective as the above method. It will also remove the food residue by its strong abrasive action. 

Take a large quantity of kosher salt and put it over the warm grill pan. Now, scrub the kosher salt using a paper towel. Continue scrubbing and rubbing by adding in more and more kosher salt. This should be done until all the food residue is removed. Once it is removed, you can wipe the grill pan off using a clean cloth or a dry paper towel. 

4. Cleaning with Dishwashing Soap and Lukewarm Water 

Dishwashing soap and water is a method just as effective as the rest. It is a myth that soap cannot be used on cast iron surfaces. Same goes with the water contact. If you do it the right way, soap and water is the most convenient and the most effective method to clean cast iron surfaces. However, this method removes seasoning from the grill pan. Thus, you have to reseason the grill pan after adopting this method. 

Take in the mild dishwashing soap and put it on the grill pan. Now take a scrubber, preferably a plastic one. Scrub the pan while using a scrubber. The action of dishwashing soap will remove all the burnt food. After the grill pan is completely clean, you can rsne it with lukewarm water. Dry it thoroughly and you are done cleaning. 

Final Verdict 

If you are all perplexed on how to clean a cast iron grill pan after cooking, you better not be. You can simply get the stuck food off the pan by boiling water. If that doesn’t work you can scrub some salt on the pan. Lastly, clean it using a soft sponge and mild dishwashing soap. This will wipe off any food residue left and you are done!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, you should always wash a cast iron pan after cooking. This will make the pans last long. You can wash them using a paper towel with a pinch of salt. Salt is added to remove food residue. You can also wash it using a soft sponge with mild dishwashing soap. 

Yes, you should always wash a cast iron pan after cooking. This will make the pans last long. You can wash them using a paper towel with a pinch of salt. Salt is added to remove food residue. You can also wash it using a soft sponge with mild dishwashing soap.

You can take care of cast iron after cooking by cleaning it properly. This can be done by giving it a thorough wash. You can use lukewarm water along with mild formula dishwashing soap for the purpose. Proper maintenance of the cast iron cookware will contribute to its superior durability.

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