How to Clean Cast Iron Oven Grates

How to Clean Cast Iron Oven Grates – Detailed Guide

The cast-iron cookware is a difficult and hard one to deal with when it comes to cleaning them. The oven is no such exception. With its great versatility in cooking different meals and recipes, cleaning is, unfortunately, a difficult task. However, it is not an impossible one. You might be wondering how to clean cast iron oven grates. The dirt is usually prevalent in the cast iron oven grates and needs to be cleaned at all costs. However, one can not keep the cast iron grill grates underneath the water or use the hard dishwasher on them which makes you perplexed for sure. 

How to Clean Cast Iron Oven Grates

We understand your need and are here to assist you. To save you the labor and effort, we are here to tell you simplified ways which will greatly signify ease. This will also reduce the time of cleaning while bearing great results. After all, who doesn’t want a clean cast iron oven, right? Read through to know oversimplified and a very simple yet effective method which is going to clean the cast iron oven grates. Dive in and enjoy a clean oven! 

How to Clean Cast Iron Oven Grates- The Simplified Method 

Whether you have a best-enameled cast iron dutch oven that has been coated with porcelain, or it is a usual cast iron oven you have, they have the tendency of getting this dirt. However, they have never been simpler to clean. Some of these grates can even be kept under the water for a long or can be treated using a hard and strong soap. However, one needs to duly check for the manufacturer’s instructions. Let us straight get to the easier method of cleaning these dirty grates. They are as easy as a pan.

Washing with Detergent 

The first and the foremost step in cleaning the cast iron oven grates is to wash them using a detergent. You are first required to put on some gloves which will prevent your hands from being exposed to the detergent. The gloves could be any material. However, it is preferred that they are made up of vinyl or rubber. You can also perform this step with bare hands if you are comfortable this way.

You need to clog your sink using an appropriate tool. After which you are required to fill half a sink with lukewarm water. This should be followed by putting in around 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of detergent. The detergent should be a dishwasher one. It can be a mild one but it is preferred that it is strong as it is going to be diluted by water. 

Soaking the Grates

In order to soak the grates, you have to check a few things. The temperature of the grates should be cooler or the same as the lukewarm water. Otherwise, the grates can be damaged or affected adversely. Therefore, cool the grates if you have just cooked something. 

After they have reached the optimum temperature, get them inside the soapy water. Let the grates take in the mixture for around 10-15 minutes. We know what you are thinking at the moment. Exposure to water can be a bad thing for cast iron. We are well aware of that. However, if you let them inside the water for a limited time which lasts around 15 minutes, and dries them quickly afterward, it is not that big of a problem. 

During this period of time, all the burnt food, as well as the grease which is struck onto the grates, will break apart. This will leave the grate during the soaking process. This should however be done with careful consideration of time and temperature. 

Gentle Scrubbing 

Scrubbing is the last step that will result in the complete cleaning of the oven grates. You need to take some more detergent on the cotton pad or else another clean, soft cloth. You, now have to scrub this separately on the grates. This will remove the hardened grease or burnt food. After cleaning, you need to take lukewarm water and throw it on the grates. Else, you can rinse them with warm tap water. Do not forget to clean and dry them using a paper towel or a clean cloth. The grates are now perfectly cleaned. 

Final Verdict:

Cast iron oven grates can leave you all tensed regarding their cleanliness. It can be a hard task undoubtedly. Any cookware which has cast-iron construction has to be dealt with with extreme care. One can not blindly clean it using a bar of strong soap and water. This might result in a destroyed exterior. No one wants that, right? Well, you can clean cast iron oven grates by adhering to the steps stated above. This will prove to be of significant help. Say hi to clean the cast iron oven!

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can make the cast iron grate appear new by cleaning them thoroughly. For that, several techniques can be used. The best technique is the one involving the mixture of baking soda and water. 

You can clean the top of the oven grates by taking baking soda along with water. The quantity of baking soda and water should be in the ratio of 3:1. You need to make a mixture of the two and put it in the oven. This should be followed by leaving it for half an hour. Finally, wipe it off using a clean cloth or paper towel. 

Yes, steel wool can be used on cast iron cookware. However, one should always check that the steel wool is a mild one as it can result in destroying the outer appearance. You can scrub it on the cookware completely. Make sure that the scrubbing is gentle. 

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