How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet for the First Time

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet for the First Time?

If you have purchased a new pan and are perplexed as to whether it has been pre-seasoned or needs to be seasoned, don’t be. Regardless of this condition, just season the pan anyways. This will add to the hardenability as well as the skillet’s ability to prevent the development of rust. Are you wondering how to season a cast-iron skillet for the first time? Well, dig in to get yourself acquainted with the easiest method. The simple, uncomplicated steps will take you by surprise due to their superior convenience.

Cast iron skillets are amazing cookware that has made us all crazy after them. This is due to the fact that they offer exceptional versatility. You can just cook anything, may it be BBQ meat or a fry egg, this has got you all covered with its superior qualities. Not only does the cast iron skillet enhance the convenience but also makes the food taste heavenly. Further, it prevents the food from sticking on the surface. However, this can only be ensured if the pan is seasoned. So, let us move towards the effective seasoning method. Read through to know it all.

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet for the First Time

How to Season Cast Iron Skillet for the First Time- The in-depth and Thoroughgoing Method

Once your pan is used for cooking, it will be perfectly seasoned. However, you need to season it with great care and while adhering to all the steps for the first time. These are a few steps that are described below. They are effortless and don’t take much of your precious time as well. Therefore, get ready to season your pan with minimal effort. Dive into these easy steps!

Washing the Cast Iron Skillet

Firstly, one has to wash the skillet thoroughly with the help of mild dishwashing soap. This is to ensure that the dirt and debris is removed which is common due to the packaging and the handling. Therefore, one should even clean the pan even when it looks clean.

After you have washed the skillet, you then have to dry it completely. This can be done with the help of a paper towel or a clean cloth. After wiping the moisture off using a paper towel, it is advised to keep it on the stove. Turn on the flame to heat the skillet so that there is no moisture left on the pan. This is an important step. One should ensure that there are no water droplets to proceed to the next steps.

Applying Oil Onto The Skillet’s Surface

Next, you have to apply the oil on the cast iron surface. For that, you have to take a couple of tablespoons of any low fat oil. Put that on the pan and spread in evenly using a paper towel. You need to apply the oil on the whole surface composed of cast iron, may it be inside or the outside of the pan. Make sure that the layer is thin, just to cover up the surface. Any excess oil needs to be removed with paper towel.

The layer should be uniform. It should be just enough to cover the surface evenly. That is why it is essential to cover it using a paper towel. If there is more oil, the seasoning won’t be accurate.

Baking The Skillet

Now comes the second last step of seasoning. After you have applied the oil evenly, next you have to heat it. There are two methods. Either you can heat the skillet using the flame or either you can bake it. Both the methods are just as effective therefore you can use any based on what is available to you.

In case you are using a stove to heat the skillet, turn on the flame. Heat the skillet for 10 minutes by putting it upside down on the stove. This will create some smoke which is completely ok as the oil is getting absorbed in the pan. Therefore, it is recommended to do this in a well-ventilated area and to keep the windows open. After even heating for 10 minutes, the oil will change it’s state and will be perfectly seasoned.

If you are opting for the baking option, you need to keep the skillet on the medium rail of oven. The skillet has to be placed upside down. Below the skillet, you have to keep an aluminum foil that will take in the excess oil. Baking the skillet at 450 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes will make the pan seasoned perfectly.

Repeating The Process

Repeat the last two steps at least 4-5 times. Reapply the oil and bake it again. This will make the skillet non-stick. A great buildup of seasoning will ensure that no corrosion occurs. This will make the pan all set for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should season a cast-iron skillet before first use. This will make the seasoning much more effective. Therefore, it is advised to first clean the skillet thoroughly and then re-season it.

The best oil to season a cast iron skillet is vegetable oil. Canola oil is just as effective as vegetable oil and it can also be chosen as the best oil for seasoning. However, you can select the one which is available to you easily.

To check if your cast iron pan is pre-seasoned, you need to fry something in the oil. This could be some vegetables or an egg. If the egg gets out of the pan without sticking to the pan’s surface, then the cast iron has been seasoned already. However, you can clean it through and re-season it for more effectiveness and great hardenability.

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