How to Season Cast Iron Pan?

How to Season Cast Iron Pan? Detailed Guide

It is necessary to upkeep the maintenance of the top cast iron skillet. It has enormous importance when it comes to cooking. Therefore, you need to put your due attention to the cleanliness as well as seasoning. Well, we are here to tell you the right way how to season the cast iron pan. You won’t believe how simple and uncomplicated the process is. 

Most of you must be of the opinion that this process is hard and tedious. Well, it is really not! No expertise or any kind of skills is needed to do this task. All you require is some basic best-cast iron utensils and you are done! Moreover, this process is time-effective as well apart from being effortless. Therefore, adhere to the instructions to season the best-cast iron grill pan. This will keep the food from sticking while letting you make tastier meals. 

How to Season Cast Iron Pan?

How to Season a Cast Iron Pan- The Complete Guide 

It is of crucial importance to keep the seasoning right over the surface of cast iron. This will make the pan last while making the pan non-stick. Further, the pans will no longer be vulnerable to corrosion. If you do not want to degrade the performance of your saucepan vs frying pan, start seasoning it routinely. Dive into this guide and get to know it all. 

1. Preheating the Oven 

The first step to season your dear cast iron pan involves preheating the oven. You are required to preheat the oven to a temperature of 375 degrees. This needs to be preheated for a little while so that the temperature is achieved before the skillet is placed inside it. 

2. Adding in Oil 

While the oven is being heated, you need to get the oil of your choice. This can be any cooking oil based on what was available to you. However, it is advised that you do consider the effectiveness and affordability as well. Take that oil and add 1.5 tablespoons of it to the cast iron pan. This amounts needs to be strictly adhered to as you do not require a lot of oil. You need enough to cover the whole pan with a thin fat layer. 

Afterward, you need to spread it evenly on the pan using a clean cloth or either a paper towel. Ensure to put only a thin layer and the oil should cover the whole surface. The inside of the pan, as well as the outside, should be completely coated. The outside involves coating the bottom as well as the sides of the pan. 

3. Baking the Skillet 

This step is the most important for the whole seasoning process. People usually just place the pan in the oven to bake but you have to do it right. For this to be done right, you are required to place the skillet carefully on the center shelf of the oven. In addition to that, it has to be placed upside down. The pan has to be baked for around 60 minutes. Do not forget to add a sheet of aluminum under the pan. This is so that the oil doesn’t drip on the floor of the oven. 

4. Storing 

Let us move towards the final step of seasoning the cast iron pan. After 60 minutes of baking, turn the switch off. Do not take off the cast iron pan from the oven even after it is powered off. Keep it inside until it reaches room temperature. This will ensure that the oil perfectly adheres to the base of the pan which is now in the form of plastic. Once, the pan reaches room temperature, take it out of the oven. Do not abruptly store the pan directly on the cupboard shelves. Always make sure to cover it with paper. This will provide it extra protection which will ensure no rust. 

After you have seasoned the pan completely by adhering well to these 4 steps listed above, you will notice how beautiful your pan looks. The pan has developed a matte black finish which indicates that the seasoning was successful. Now, your pan is ready to cook a tastier meal. Further, it will prevent rust and corrosion perfectly. Lastly, no more food being stuck while cooking the meals. How amazing is that! 

Final Verdict 

Seasoning the cast iron skillet is of prime importance as it is the basic utensil for cooking. In order to season the pan, you need to clean the pan. This should be followed by applying a thin and uniform layer of oil. After which the pan has to be baked for about an hour in a preheated oven at 375 degrees. Lastly, you have to remove the pan from the oven once it is cooled and store it in the cupboard. Say hi to seasoned pans and enjoy tastier, skillet vs non-sticky pan meals!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best oil to season a cast iron skillet is just any cooking oil. However, it is recommended to use vegetable oils of low density. Therefore, you can go for the one which is available, affordable, and has the most effectiveness. 

When it comes to seasoning a cast iron skillet, you need to do the process at least 3 times. This will ensure proper seasoning and the right layer formation. 

If the cast iron pan is seasoned, it will be different from the one which is not seasoned in terms of appearance and feel. While the seasoned one has a matte black finish, a non-seasoned one lacks that. Further, the seasoned pan is absolutely clean and has a touch feeling of a plastic. 

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