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Hey friends! If you are new to the world of cast iron kitchen devices, you are still confused between seasoned vs. unseasoned cast iron skillet and which is best for your decent kitchen.

These two have their paybacks.

The cast-iron skillet can be used for cooking a variety of meals, like pizza, fish fillets, pancakes, etc. You can use these skillets outdoor and indoor and used in formal restaurants. One of the most popular benefits of using cast iron cookware is its durable flat bottom, and the body is designed with affordable iron. So the cast iron kitchen skillets selection is the best for cooking delicious food and remains more famous among people nowadays.

They will go easily from the top stove to your dining table. The cast-iron devices are much smoother than nonstick cookware. It will keep your food warm for a long time. These skillets are perfectly sized with a wide diameter, providing sufficient space for cooking.

You can also make awesome bread in your home kitchen, and the cast iron skillet pans are wonderful in cooking tasks. It is indeed a great investment and value.

If you want to know more, stay with us!

What is a seasoned cast iron skillet?

The cast-iron skillet seasoning means there is a layer of carbonized oil. This layer prevents the food from sticking and keeps the pan safe from rusting. These kitchen wares will last for generations. The seasoned cast iron skillets have true cooking versatility, are easy to maintain, and clean effortlessly.

If you are a beginner, you can cook a healthy stack of bacon in the cookware for the first time. Seasoning cast iron skillets are super helpful and simple in use. 

  • What are the abilities of seasoned cast iron skillet?

A seasoned cast-iron skillet is perfect for searing steaks, and you can also bake potatoes in it. The skillet has the quality to transfer heat from one side to another, and the seasoned cast iron kitchen tool has great volumetric heat capacity, which means once heated, it stays hot. This ability makes this skillet ideal for roasting chicken and vegetables.

  • Is it well-seasoned?

If your skillet is perfectly well seasoned, it will be more nonstick. Even you can fry your egg omelet with no issues of sticking food to the surface of the pan. But if you are dieting, you can also cook your favorite food with no oil in these well-seasoned skillets. It would be best to care that you have to preheat your skillet before cooking anything. 

  • Ready to use:

The best-seasoned cast iron skillet gives you great heat-retaining and more flavors. If you use these seasoned pans with care, they can last a lifetime. These devices are remarkably easy to use, and you can make food of your own choice with no pain. You have to do their regular simple maintenance. These pans are inexpensive and widely available in markets. They can come in different sizes. So it is safe to say that these kitchen wares are highly durable and come in bit thick surfaces than their competitors.

  • Traditional option:  

If you decide to go for antique possibility, you can buy a pan that comes with a protective layer, which will prevent the skillet from rusting. You must note that the seasoned cast iron skillet is nonstick, shiny, and smooth. When you use a well-maintained cast iron skillet, it will be more nonstick over time.

  • Handle with care:

One of the most important things is that if you have a seasoned cast iron skillet, you must use this skillet with care. Regularly you have to clean your skillet after every use. When the cooking oil or fats are heated longer, they release the acids, creating dull patches on your skillet.

If you decide to go away from the hassle and want ease in cooking, we suggest you buy a seasoned cast iron pan. But still, there is an option if you don’t want to purchase a seasoned cast iron cooking skillet, then read below:

What is an unseasoned cast iron skillet?

The only difference between seasoned and unseasoned cast iron skillets is that seasoned pans and pots are already nonstick, and there is no need of oiling the pans, but an unseasoned kitchen skillet needs to be oiled.

If you cook or fry anything in an unseasoned cast iron skillet, then food will be stuck on the surface of the tool. You have to put oil on the surface of the pan. These skillets may not be heated properly then you have to preheat the utensil over a medium temperature.

  • To prevent from rusting:

When it comes to cooking in an unseasoned cooking pan, you need a huge amount of oil to cook in it. Deep frying or meals that extract many fats can be cooked in these skillets. If you are doing so, it means you are seasoning your pan with these oil and fats. This process is ideal for seasoning your unseasoned cast iron cookware, and it will also help prevent your pan from rusting.

  • Is cleaning of your skillet necessary?

Well, you may hear that never use a bar of soap while washing your seasoned skillet, but in unseasoned pans and pots, this rule is not applied. You can wash your unseasoned kitchen with a small amount of soap. This will get rid of any food particles that may be stuck to the pan’s surface, and it will help the pan make a smooth coating.

You can also put your unseasoned pan directly in the dishwasher, and you can put your skillets on the stovetop on the lowest heat for a minute or two to disperse all the water from it.

  • Warmth cookware in the oven:

Now you require your skillet to be heated evenly, which is impossible on the stovetop. Leave your pan in an already preheated oven for a few minutes. This will prevent the oil from merging on the cooking surface. You can repeat this oiling method and heating a few more times to get a solid layer of seasoning on your pan.

You can also use a paper towel to rub some more oil in it, then pop back the pan into the oven for a few minutes. You can repeat this process until you will get satisfied with the seasoning.

  • The flavor of food:

This is quite understandable that seasoning can change the flavor of your meal. Cast iron seasoning means polymerized and carbonized cooking fats, creating a nonstick coating on the pan’s surface. Vegetable oil works flawlessly due to its economical price, and it’s best to make things simple.

Cooking in a cast iron pan is a healthier option because cooking in these skillets means adding iron to your food, an essential part of the human body. So seasoned your pan lightly before using it. The right way to keep your iron skillet in good shape is to cook as much food as you can.

  • Multipurpose good worker:

These pans can be used for cooking, baking, searing, roasting, and much more. The cast-iron skillet is light weighted and non-toxic, and you will honestly love this skillet. These devices are a high performer and make your day by making yummy food for your family. The skillet is like a workhorse in your kitchen. They are conveniently deep and have handles that remain cool. You remember that nonstick qualities are in cooking, not in cookware. Seasoned skillets indeed make it easier to cook without sticking the meal, but even a well-seasoned pan can destroy food quality if there is no balance oil or fats in it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Need a low maintenance
  • Excessive heat retention
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Extremely versatile
  • Boost your iron
  • Display meal attractively
  • Many sizes and types are available
  • Affordable
  • Environment friendly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor conductor of heat
  • Food may get stuck after some use
  • May get rusted

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