How to Season Cast Iron Wok?

How to Season Cast Iron Wok? – (Avoid Doing This)

If you own a great cast iron wok and are worried about its right maintenance, you better not be. Cast iron wok is the ultimate utensil to cook that delicious asian food. In addition to that, it cooks Italian food remarkably too. Therefore, the versatility of the cast iron wok is truly exceptional. If you want your dear cast iron wok to continue cooking such amazing food, you have to season it. How to season cast iron wok remains a solid question which we have got all covered for it.

A cast iron wok that is not seasoned results in diminishing the longevity of the wok. Moreover, it makes food taste not that good due to its sticky action. It imparts its taste on the food which gets unbearable sometimes. Let our first move on to the ways the wok can be effectively used before leaping directly onto how it is seasoned.

How to Season Cast Iron Wok?

Cast Iron Wok: Working Basics and Much More…

Why does one have to settle for cast iron as the material for a wok when there are multiple other options in the market? Why is steel and stainless steel not as effective of the material as compared to cast iron? What makes cast iron stand out among others when it comes to cookware? To sum all these questions and provide a simple answer to them, their exceptional durability and remarkable heat conductivity make them a great fit for the job.

Their life can be extended till a couple of decades and the cookware is known to be passed from grandma to granddaughter, is it not exceptional? Furthermore, they are very simple to use. In addition to that, the strength that they offer is incomparable and unbeatable for sure. However, for them to last long, you need to take proper care and ensure utmost maintenance.

Has a close resemblance to the famous cookware, cauldron. A cauldron is still in use today in multiple parts of Europe. Cast iron wok, on the other hand, is exceptional and incredible cookware to cook Asian meals. It stirs amazingly. Whether you have to cook the food on high, medium, or slow flame, this has got you all covered with its versatility and wide range of performance parameters.

Cast iron is a material that has proved to be a great substitute for non-stick pan. When seasoned correctly, it kept the food from sticking. Therefore, the fame and the availability. Further, the taste of the meal made in well-seasoned cast iron wok is truly unmatched. What else does one look for?

The science behind the formation of this material is that multiple materials which include carbon and iron as main constituents are added together. They are added in such ratios and at such temperatures that all the materials reflect their best qualities to make the resulting alloy perfect for the specific job which is cookware in this case. This makes cast iron a material with increased weight together with superior sturdiness. However, there is one tradeoff that comes with such exceptional qualities. The formation of rust is one drawback that you have to handle through regular and routine maintenance.

The Significance of Seasoning Cast Iron Wok

Seasoning cast iron wok is an art that is learned through practice. Therefore, one has to rightly adhere to the steps until they are experts regarding the topic. Seasoning has multiple benefits. Not only does it impart a great flavor to the meals but also prevents the formation of corrosion. Further, it keeps the food from sticking, thus making it easier for you to cook food.

Seasoning is basically a process of applying oil to the surface which is heated afterward. The heat will result in the oil changing its state and absorbing perfectly in the pores. This will form a non-stick surface perfect for use.

Selecting the right kind of oil is also a job that should not be neglected. You cannot just blindly opt for any oil. It should be the one whose smoking point is high. The ones which are usually recommended are lard, vegetable, and canola oil. However, you can go for the one which is easily available to you but doesn’t ignore the effectiveness as well. This oil layer has to form a protective layer which makes considering the oil worth your time.

How to Season Cast Iron Wok?

Nowadays, the cast iron cookware is seasoned already, however, it is necessary to ensure that. Further, you are not advised to start cooking as soon as they arrive because you cannot surely say about the package’s cleanliness. The experts in the field recommend imparting the seasoning first before moving on to cook meals on that. Let us get to this uncomplicated method of seasoning that will make your meals the yummiest.

Washing the Cast Iron Wok

The first and foremost step which should not be skipped is washing the pan thoroughly. Whether it is a new pan that has arrived just now or an old one that has dirt and debris, washing is an important step. If the pan is new or old with little residue left, take the help of dishwashing soap and clean that in lukewarm water. However, if it has developed rust, it is always suggested to treat it using a thick mixture of baking soda or either its solution. You can also opt for the vinegar mixture if the rust is hardened.

One should, however, be careful regarding the chemical use as cast iron is very sensitive to dishwashing soap. In addition to that, make sure that you do not soak the wok for so long as that will result in ruining the cast-iron appearance. It is not that common but one should take necessary precautions. Go with a mild formula of dishwashing soap if the stains are easy to remove.

After you have applied the soap, you then need to scrub it. You should always take the help of the plastic scrub as the steel one will be too hard for the sensitive cast iron surface. After this, your pan is clean and you can proceed to the next steps.

Drying Cast Iron Wok

After you have cleaned the wok thoroughly, you then need to dry the cast iron wok. This can be done with the assistance of a paper towel or either a clean cloth. This should be followed by putting the wok on the stove and giving it the heat. You need to place it on medium flame. This will ensure that the wok is dried completely and that no moisture is left on the surface. Now, one can proceed to the seasoning of the cast iron wok.

Pre Seasoning the Wok

Continue heating the wok after it has been dried completely. Heat it for as long as you start noticing the smoke coming off. The average time the wok is usually placed on the stove during the pre-seasoning step is around 10 minutes. Don’t forget to keep the area well-ventilated and the windows open.

Once the wok has achieved smoking high temperature, it is finally the time to apply a uniform and even layer of oil. With your selected oil, you need to apply a thin layer of oil on the cast iron surface. Make sure to apply the layer on the inside as well as on the outside. The oil layer should be just thick enough to cover the surface perfectly. However, there should be no oil dripping in. If there is, make sure to wipe it off using a paper towel.

Once the wok has cooled and is easy to touch, take a paper towel and remove any burns. The cast-iron surface may have encountered some burns during the heating process. After you have removed them, you can finally proceed to the last step of seasoning.

Seasoning a Cast Iron Wok

You need to heat the pan and then again apply a layer of oil followed by heating for 10 minutes. This process has to be repeated for around 4-5 times for effective seasoning. You can also opt for baking instead of heating the wok on the stove.

Your cast Iron Wok has been seasoned perfectly.

Final Verdict

The cast iron wok is quite common. It is very durable and versatile. However, to enhance its life, you need to season it. The above guide shows how to season the wok to have tastier meals and to prevent the formation of rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wok can be maintained by cleaning it after cooking every meal. Further, seasoning it routinely will greatly aid in maintaining the cast iron wok.

No, you do not have to season a wok every time you use it. Seasoning cast iron wok thrice annually is sufficient.

The best oil to season cast iron is vegetable oil or either canola oil.

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