Skillet Vs Non-Stick Pan

Skillet Vs Non-Stick Pan: Which Should You Cock With?

Anyone cooking for their family and friends must have skillets and nonstick pans in the kitchen simultaneously. Although most people use both pots without knowing the difference, experts know how to use both pots exactly where they should be used.

Is Cast Iron Skillet similar or Different from Nonstick Pans?

In the forthcoming, we will discuss and explain the differences between Cast Iron skillets and nonstick pans. Skillets are deeper and have sloped walls as compared to the nonstick pans. Cast Iron Skillet is used for searing, sauté, shallow frying, and braising. Nonstick pans are used for cooking simple foods like making an omelet or frying an egg.

Cast Iron Skillet is considered well seasoned as fats from the food form a layer on the pot’s surface just like a coating.

Nonstick pans have PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating called Teflon to resist corrosion and provide a smooth surface for cooking. Teflon is not considered safe for health as it emits toxic gases at high heat levels. Nonstick pans are safe until they are heated at higher levels.

The difference between Cast Iron Skillet and Nonstick Pan has further elaborated ahead.  

1. Is Cast Iron Skillet better than Nonstick Pan?

Cast Iron Skillets are coated with the fats in the food, whereas nonstick pans come with Teflon coating. Cast Iron Skillets can bear a higher temperature level up to 500oF, whereas nonstick pans are meant not to be heated at higher levels. If nonstick pans are heated at higher levels of heat, they emit toxic gases, which can cause health hazards.

This aspect of Cast Iron is surely better than nonstick pans.

2. Why is Cast Iron Skillet better than a nonstick pan?

Cast Iron can absorb and distribute the heat evenly along with the pot’s surface. Due to no additional coating, it can be used at higher temperatures and in the ovens for baking for your loved ones. Moreover, cast iron is extremely durable as compared to nonstick pans.

3. Why is Cast Iron Skillet better than a nonstick pan?

Cast Iron is a highly durable metal that can absorb and distribute heat well. This means that Cast Iron skillets can be easily used at lower and higher temperatures. Nonstick pans cannot absorb the heat, and high temperatures can damage the coating and result in rusting the pan. Furthermore, Teflon is not safe on higher heat levels.

4. What are the uses of the Cast Iron Skillet & Nonstick pan?

Sometimes people use the Cast Iron Skillet and Nonstick Pan interchangeably, but when it comes to a specialized job, both are different. Nonstick pans are used for frying and cooking food that does not need high heat and can be cooked without much stirring. But with a Cast Iron Skillet, you can go for any temperature level while cooking.

But, nonstick pans are not recommended as Teflon has a greater chance of reaction with acidic food.

5. Which one is more Stylish?

Cast Iron is a porous metal with a black or dark grey look; hence it does not look classy or attractive.


Nonstick pans come in a variety of colors and shades, which add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Hence we can say that nonstick pans are more stylish than Cast Iron Skillets.

6. Which one has a longer useful life?

Nonstick pans come with a coating that is sensitive to higher temperature levels. On the other hand, Cast Iron Skillets can absorb higher temperature levels and can be moved directly from stovetops to the oven. Nonstick pans cannot be placed in the oven being heat sensitive.

Moreover, Cast Iron Skillets are not easily exposed to rust. We can say that Cast Iron Skillets are more durable.

7. Which one consumes more power?

Cast Iron Skillets have thicker walls, and the bottom thus gets heated slowly. In comparison, nonstick pans are built with thinner walls and bottom and get heated quickly. But, nonstick pans cannot retain heat against the ability of Cast Iron as nonstick pans are not meant to be used at higher temperatures, thus, resulting in lower consumption of power/ heat compared to Cast Iron skillets.

8. Which one is ideal for baking?

Cast Iron Skillets are ideal for baking as compared to Nonstick Pans. Teflon coating of the nonstick pan gets damaged in the oven due to high heat. Cast Iron Skillets yield satisfactory results when used for baking your favorite food like bread etc.

9. What type of heating sources are preferred?

Nonstick pans are coated with a material sensitive to higher temperatures for emitting toxic gases. It is recommended to use nonstick pans such as stovetops whose temperature level can be controlled viz electronic stovetops. Sources of direct heat such as wood and coal must be avoided.

On the other side Cast, Iron Skillets are safe to be used on all types of heating sources, including wood and coal.

10. How clean them?

Cast Iron Skillets do not have any additional coating on their surface hence can be cleaned easily with the help of soap or any scrubbing material. But, nonstick pans have an additional coating on them, so you will have to be careful while cleaning them to prevent the coating from damage and rusting of the pan.

11. How to maintain them?

When we talk about the maintenance of nonstick pans, a thorough drying after the wash is enough as they have a shiny coating. But, when it comes to Cast Iron Skillets, they need to be dried and oiled after washing to prevent rust.


Assuming that all the factors have been discussed, we can conclude Cast Iron Skillet vs. Nonstick Pan.

Nonstick pans come with a glazed-type coating on the surface, making them look beautiful, and food does not stick to the walls and bottom of the pan even if we use very little oil for cooking the meal. Moreover, this colorful coating adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillets do not have any coating on them, and their porous and dull surface looks unusually different.


Cast Iron Skillets can be used on a higher level of heat, even in the ovens, when it comes to the potential and utility of both pans. But, nonstick pans are not meant to be used at higher temperatures. The most important factor is your family’s health, as Teflon coating emits toxic gases at higher temperatures.


Based on the above discussions, we can conclude that Cast Iron Skillets are better than nonstick pans due to their ability to survive in high temperatures, durability, and health-friendly.

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