How to Strip Cast Iron Without Oven Cleaner

How to Strip Cast Iron Without Oven Cleaner – All You Need to Know

Cast-iron cookery is of significant importance when it comes to cooking. The versatility is truly exceptional and the importance cannot be denied. However, maintenance is a tricky part. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to that part. However, if you are all perplexed since you lack an oven cleaner, you need not. Yes, you heard that right! 

How to Strip Cast Iron Without Oven Cleaner

On the lookout for how to strip cast iron in oven cleaner. Well, we have got you all covered with the ways and methods. These options are going to ease your life when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. This will keep your pan from looking rusty. Moreover, it will also keep the food from sticking. Let us get straight to the methods! 

How to Strip Cast Iron without Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner does appear as an effective option and it is. However, there are lots of chemicals involved in cleaning when using an oven cleaner. These chemicals can destroy the appearance of cast iron in the long run. Therefore, a natural approach is preferable. 

What else can you opt for if not oven cleaner? First thing first, you can go for an oven cleaner that performs automatic cleaning. These are often referred to as self-cleaning ovens. Trying a wood burner is another promising option. Lastly, you can opt for electrolysis which is another tested and tried method. 

Using a Self Cleaning Oven to Strip Cast Iron Cookery 

If your cast-iron cookery has developed rust, stains, or black residue on it, you have to strip that. If the base is the only affected part and you have to clean that only, you can look for this method. This is undoubtedly the most convenient, simplest, and easiest method of stripping cast iron cookery you will come across. This option proves to be a blessing if your usage is ordinary. Therefore, look for the ovens with self-cleaning options. 

However, you do not have to rely on this method provided the cookery has developed rust and is hard to clean. Using this method might result in fumes that would be unbearable for the kitchen. If however, your cookery has developed a lot of rust and needs proper cleaning, you can check the other two methods described. 

Using the self-cleaning option has its own benefits. Not only will you strip the cast iron skillet but you will also get a clean and tidy interior. The self-cleaning option basically heats the oven to that temperature so that all the residue burns completely. During that, it gets turned into gray ash. 

However, there are certain measures which you should adopt. First, you need to check for the base. The alignment of the base plays an important role. It should be paced leveled even. Further, check for any type of holes or cracks. These should not be prevalent because if they are, the cookery is declared useless. It cannot be used for cooking. 

The steps you need to follow while using the self-cleaning option are as follows

  • Opt for a warm day when you can open up the windows and ventilate the place well. 
  • Clean or wash the cooker once. 
  • Set your oven on the self-cleaning option. 
  • Place the cast iron pan inside the oven.
  • Select the self-cleaning option.
  • Let the cycle get finished once. 
  • Take out the pan once it has been cooled. 
  • Wash it to remove the burned food as ash. 

Using a Wood Burner to Strip the Cast Iron Pan 

If you have an old cast iron pan that has developed enough rust and cannot be cleaned with a self-cleaning option, this can be another choice. The self-cleaning option has its advantages but it does stink the whole place with its unbearable fumes. Therefore, if you want to get that option erased, using a wood burner is the next great option. Let’s get to the ways how you can use a fire pit to strip the cast iron skillet. 

  1. First, you are required to set up a campfire. This can be done in your backyard or garden. One can use wood or coal to accomplish this task. 
  2. Once the fire settles down and there are no flames to be seen, you have to bury the rust developed cast-iron skillet inside the ashes. 
  3. Leave the pan inside the ashes for 12 hours. 
  4. Take out the skillet after 12 hours and rid the ash off the pan. 
  5. Wash the skillet thoroughly. For that, you will require a mild soap. Make sure to use hot water for the cleaning process. In addition to that, do the scrubbing action to get the carbon completely removed. 

Using Electrolysis to Strip Cast Iron Pan

Well, if you do not want to indulge in all this labor, there is another option for you. One can use electrolysis to strip cast iron pan. This has been proved for the most effective method in case of rust and black residue developed over time. 

This is not at all a strenuous process as some of you might think. All you require is a huge tub and a battery, usually of a car. In addition to that, you will need some jump leads for effective connection. Lastly, scrap metal will also be needed which will take in the debris and rust during the process. Let us get to the steps on how to effectively clean the pan using this method. 

  1. Take a huge tub capable of holding around 10 gallons of water. Add this much water. 
  2. Next, you require some washing soda. Add ten tablespoons of this soda to the water to make a mixture. 
  3. Place the scrap metal in the tub so that it takes in the rust and other debris. 
  4. Next, you are required to take the pan and soak in the tub. 
  5. Take the positive lead and connect it with the scrap metal. Do the same with the pan and the negative terminal. 
  6. Switch the power on and leave it for the day. 
  7. Switch the power off after the whole day and perform scrubbing on the skillet. This will make the rust and debris come off. 

These are the three methods for effective cleaning. They can be used anytime due to the availability of the things which are needed for these processes. Try these methods on and enjoy cooking with clean and neat cooking pans. 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking to strip cast iron without oven cleaner you have three methods. If the debris is not too much, you can go for the preset self-cleaning option on the oven. If not, you can opt for the wood burner or electrolysis. Both these methods have proved to be very effective for highly rusted cast iron pans. Happy cooking in clean skillets!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, you can strip cast iron with vinegar. For this, you are required to make a mixture of water along with vinegar in a 1 by 1 ratio. Next, you are required to submerge the parts of the skillet which have developed rust. The time you have to soak the pan depends on the amount of rust developed. 

To strip cast iron using baking soda, you have to take the boiling water and add it to the pan. This should be followed by adding a pinch of baking soda. You have to leave the pan soaked for 12 hours. All the first and stain will go this way. 

Yes, vinegar takes the rust off cast iron. The action is fast and efficient and is highly recommended. 

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