How to Season Cast Iron Pan, Skillet Without an Oven?

How to Season Cast Iron Pan, Skillet Without an Oven?

Seasoning is a crucial and significant regime that should be followed in order to retain the quality of the cast iron cookware. This not only enhances the durability but also makes the pan or cookware non-stick while adding the right flavor or taste to the food. Further, it acts as a barrier to rust and corrosion. Therefore, one needs to season their cast iron cookware routinely. However, if you lack the oven then it becomes a strenuous task. 

How to season cast iron without an oven is a real question. Well, we have got all your queries solved. Yes, you can season cast iron without an oven through uncomplicated and easy processes. You necessary not have to put the cookware inside the oven which is followed by baking. You can opt for an alternative process, the stovetop. It is again a great process of seasoning which not only protects the pan surface from corrosion or rust but also retain its non-sticking feature. 

Before leaping onto this effective method of seasoning, you need to be aware of what seasoning really is and its significance. Dive in! 

Seasoning: Definition and its importance 

While many people are of the thought that seasoning is just to get a thin layer of oil on your pan, it is not. This thin layer is not enough to protect your pa from all sorts of corrosion. There is more to it that will ensure a non-stick surface. Seasoning is called polymerization when we talk about cast iron cookware. 

Polymerization stands for adding the appropriate layer to the cast iron cookware. This layer can be any fat that bonds and sticks perfectly to cast iron cookware. Once it is bonded, it has to be baked in for around an hour for perfect adhesion. This process will convert ts state from liquid to solid. It will appear like plastic. This is a crucial process that will keep your cast iron cookware from rust and coercion. So will it retain its non-stick characteristics. 

This process has to be repeated several times. This way you will accomplish developing the perfect lawyer of plastic. This will make the pan perfect for cooking anything, may it be steaks or scrambled eggs. The layer will be black in color, perfect for cast iron. This layer will provide the properties and features which should be prevalent in cast iron cookware. 

How to Season or Cure Cast Iron Pan Without Oven

After you have perfectly cleaned the cast iron cookware, the next step is to cure the cast iron. This is to provide the cookware with the necessary heat which will turn the layer of fat or oil into plastic. This is to ensure an even surfaced pan that will keep the food from sticking. 

Scouring the Cookware

First, you need to clean your cookware thoroughly and completely. Next, you need to dry it completely. This should be followed by applying a thin and even layer of fat or oil which is required for seasoning. This layer can be applied using a clean cloth or either a paper towel. If your cookware is already seasoned, scrub the seasoning. This is to make a new, even seasoning. 

Heating the Burner

Take the cast iron cookware and place it upside down on the burner or either the stove. Turn on the burner or the stove. Let the cookware be heated to a smoking level. The smoke will be generated during the seasoning process. Therefore, it is advisable that windows are opened and the area is well-ventilated. 

The pan which is placed upside down needs to be thoroughly heated. For that, you need to move it around by holding the handle. Do wear gloves to prevent burning from smoke. Turn off the stove after you think it has been heated thoroughly and evenly. Place it on the shelve and allow it to be cooled. Wipe the cookware afterward. Continue adding thin fat layers and heating them afterward. 

However, if you happen to get an oven at any time, you can always reseason the pans. All you have to do is to place the cookware at 375 degrees for 60 minutes. Next, you have to repeat these steps of adding a layer of fat and baking the cookware while allowing it to cool in between. This will perfectly season the pan. 

Final Verdict 

The above process of seasoning cast iron cookware without the assistance of the oven is uncomplicated, less time-consuming, and simple. It involves two easy steps which make your pan perfectly seasoned. First and foremost, you have to scour the cookware which should be followed by putting a layer of fat. Next, you have to heat it using a burner. By doing so, the cookware is seasoned and is ready for use. The seasoned cast iron cookware will add flavor to foods, prevents corrosion, and will keep the food from sticking. Happy seasoned pan your way!

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can cure cast iron with an oven by employing the use of a grill. This is an easy and uncomplicated process that strives to protect your pan from developing rust.

The fastest way to season a cast iron pan is to clean the pan thoroughly and spread a thin layer of oil on its surface. This should be followed by heating in the oven at 375 degrees for almost 60 minutes. Your pan will be effectively seasoned. 

It takes around half an hour to season a cast iron pan. You have to put a thin layer of oil for seasoning. Make sure that the place is well-ventilation and airy before you perform the action. 

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