How to Clean Cast Iron Dutch Oven?

How to Clean Cast Iron Dutch Oven? – Complete Procedure

Do you have a cast iron dutch oven that you frequently use? Are you worried about its maintenance and cleaning process? A cast iron dutch oven is a very versatile cookware that is quite commonly used. You probably cook your meals in that all the time due to the ultimate convenience it promises. One surely gets obsessed. 

However, there is one thing which you shouldn’t neglect at any cost, the cleaning. In order for your cast iron dutch oven to function properly and last long, you need to clean it routinely and properly. But how to clean the cast iron dutch oven? This seems like a tedious task requiring a lot of effort and time. Well, don’t you worry because we have oversimplified this for you? All you have to do is simply follow these steps and adhere perfectly to them. The end result will be a clean cast iron dutch oven. Dive in! 

Significance of Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Cast Iron Dutch ovens are used for a wide variety of meals. You often find people used cast iron dutch ovens for outdoor meals and another foodstuff. Whether you are planning a cute family picnic in your backyard or you are off on a long drive to a camping trip, you usually require cast iron cookware. The versatility of a dutch oven makes it one of the most used cast iron cookware. 

The ease that comes with cast iron dutch oven is another reason for its common usage. It is great cookware for sure. All you have to do is to season the oven with any oil. The oil may be of any sort. May you use olive oil or vegetable oil, it keeps the food from sticking making it easier to cook food.  Therefore, you can place the food inside the pot and cook it over low flame for effective action. 

How to Clean Cast Iron Dutch Oven- Thorough and Simple Steps

Below down, we have described a few simple steps in detail for you to carry out. Following these steps will lead to a cleaner cast iron dutch oven. You will be pleased by the simplicity of these steps. Dive in and enjoy the clean dutch oven for a long. Read through the steps below. 

1. Wipe Surface:

In order to ensure proper cleanliness of the oven, you are required to wipe the surface of the cast iron dutch oven with dry, clean towels every time you use them. Water should not be touched on the cast iron surface. It should not be exposed to a large quantity of water. Therefore, even when there is some residue dry towel cannot take along, make the towels a little wet. After which, you can use those slightly wet towels followed by drying the surface with another dry towel. 

2. Residue Flaky:

There is a high possibility that some residue will still be left which is completely burnt and wouldn’t come with a slightly wet towel. In order to get that cleaned, you need to take in a lot of water and fill the dutch oven completely with that.

However, don’t leave the water like that for hours instead put the oven on the stove. Turn on the flame to boil the water. This will make the residue flaky and resultantly, it will come to the surface of the water which can then be thrown. 

3. Soap:

The next step involves turning off the flame. Now take the dutch oven off the stove and to the sink. Use the mildest soap on the surface of the cast iron dutch oven. Scrub it gently using a cloth or even a scrubber. This will completely remove the stains. 

However, one should remember that soap should not be used often on cast iron. Further, you should only use a mild one so that the appearance, as well as the performance, is not ruined. 

4. Tap Water:

This is one of the last steps which will make the dutch oven perfectly clean. All you are required to do now is to bring it under the tap water which will rinse away the mild soap. Follow these steps immediately after the previous one so the soap is not left on the cast iron surface for long. After which, you are required to dry the dutch oven using a soft clean cloth or wither a paper towel. Make sure to clean it properly. 

5. Season Dutch Oven:

Lastly, you are required to season the dutch oven which will make it ready to use again. Make sure to place a thin layer of oil. To do so, you can take the assistance of a paper towel or a cloth. Apply oil thoroughly on the side as well on the outer surface of the dutch oven. The oven can be placed away now. 

A tip

Seasoning is an important step that should not be neglected. You need to always apply a layer of oil before you begin using it. This will prevent the food from sticking and you can enjoy better food. In order to season the oven perfectly, you can apply a thorough layer of oil and then place the cookware in the oven for around half an hour. The heat should be 350 Fahrenheit. 

Final Verdict:

In order to clean the cast iron dutch pan, you need to follow the steps listed above. This is not as hard and time taking as it appears. We have summarized the steps in the simplest way for you to follow. Happy cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Soap should never be used to clean a cast iron dutch iron as it will ruin its exterior. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while cleaning a cast iron dutch oven. 

In order to completely and thoroughly clean cast iron, you need the help of the mildest soap. However, make sure that the soap is used in very low quantity and it should be as mild as possible. 

Yes, it is possible to ruin a cast iron dutch oven however it is very hard to do so. This will only be possible if you do not clean it at all and neglect other maintenance aspects. 

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