How to Season Cast Iron Grills Grates?

How to Season Cast Iron Grills Grates? – Methods and Tricks

Cast-iron ovens have been in use for ages. The feeling of having a barbeque with the cast iron grills is incomparable. Having the right kind of food in the right kind of cookware is only possible if you take good care of your cast iron cookware. In this extensive guide below, we have described thoroughly all the methods which will assist you in seasoning the cast iron grills. Seems like how to season cast iron grills is no longer a real question now with this useful, thorough, and simple guide below. Moreover, multiple methods make this guide useful for everybody. Dive in to know everything regarding the seasoning of cast iron grills. 

No one wants the grills to develop that stubborn rust. Not only does that spoil the taste of the food but also decreases the life of the oven and the grills. Missing out on the juiciest meat is not desirable, right? To avoid making such a mistake, you need to learn how to season the grills at all costs. 

Seasoning has multiple advantages which makes it a must-do when it comes to maintenance of the grills. The porous surfaces will create an effect resulting in decreasing the longevity of the pan and no one desires that, right? Then opt for seasoning which will not only prevent the formation of rust but also keep the food from sticking onto the surface. This will prove to be of immense importance. 

How to Season Cast Iron Grills Grates?

How to Season Cast Iron Grill? – Detailed Guide

Got a brand new griddle and are you starting to cook on that. Wait? Don’t forget to season it first. The importance of seasoning a new pan or grill is often neglected but is of prime significance. If you have an old rusty pan, you need to first clean it thoroughly before seasoning it. 

The first and foremost step in seasoning the cast iron grills is to clean them to eliminate any black residue. Further, you need to remove any kind of rust that is formed. If you see that there is some rust formation that has to be removed, use a hard formula dishwashing soap together with a steep or metal scrubber. These scrubbers will remove the rust by making them scratch out of the cast-iron surface. However, if that is not the case, you can settle for a mild dishwashing soap together with lukewarm water. The scrubber used in this case should be either the plastic scrubber or else the foamic one. This will not put much pressure on the cast iron grill. 

Next up you should completely dry these grills. Leaving them wet will increase the risk of corrosion. Therefore, you should always clean them using a paper towel. You can also use a clean cloth for drying. 

Seasoning the Grill Using Oven 

For effective seasoning, you should use any cooking oil. The best oil is vegetables or canola which are usually recommended by experts. The choice of oil should be dependent upon what is available to you. Further, one should consider the effectiveness. Therefore, coat a thin and even layer of il on the grills. The coating should be perfect, covering the grills from all sides and corners. Make sure that the oil is not excess. In case of excess oil, wipe it off using a paper towel. The oil should be just enough to cover the cast iron surface. 

Once you have coated it well and through, now is the time to put them in the oven. You need to heat it for around an hour at 425 Fahrenheit. First, the oven has to be preheated at 375 Fahrenheit which is then increased to 425 Fahrenheit as soon as you place the cast iron grills inside. The oil will be absorbed perfectly by the pores and it will change its state. This will result in the first perfect seasoning layer. Now, you can take the grills out of the oven. However, you should wait for the time they take to cool down. 

Once you take them out, you need to reapply the oil and then put it in a preheated oven. You are required to repeat these last steps of applying the oil and heating them afterward for around 4-5 times. This will result in the cast iron grills being perfectly seasoned. This means they will endure their non-stick features while enhancing their durability as well. Further, the odor and the flavor of the food will be exceptionally improved as well. This is how to season the cast iron grills using oil. 

Seasoning the Grill Using Flame

Another method of seasoning the cast iron grills involves cleaning and drying them in the exact same way. Since this method is suitable for the grills which have developed hardened rust over time and it is super hard to remove. For that, you can shift to acidic or basic solutions. That could be a vinegar solution. This will dissolve the rust, making the pan perfectly clean. Furthermore, you can also opt for the baking soda and water thin solution or either baking soda thick paste depending upon the rust developed. 

Once you have cleaned it perfectly using either of these solutions, do not forget to wash it once using a dishwasher and lukewarm water as well. This will prevent these solutions from settling inside the pores, eventually destroying cast-iron appearance and putting an effect on its durability. 

Drying is the same as described in the previous method. In this method, however, you have to heat the grills over direct flame. You have to get the grills oiled the same way. You can choose a highly effective oil and put it just enough to cover all the edges. Afterward, you can bring it over medium flame and heat it directly for 10 minutes. Reapply the oil and heat it again once the grills have cooled down after the first heating action. Repeat this step at least 5 times to impart perfect seasoning to the cast iron grills. This method stands out as ineffective. However, it requires more effort than the last method stated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best oil to season cast iron grill grates is canola oil. Another oil that stands out when it comes to effectiveness in seasoning is avocado oil. Basically, the oils which have higher value of the smoke point are seen to be really effective in seasoning. Therefore go for the oil guaranteeing you greater smoke point. 

Yes, one should certainly oil their grill grates. Moreover, they should heat them up after the application of the oil to season them. It is highly advised to season your grills routinely as it will enhance their life and make them cook food better. 

One should season cast iron grill grates every time after you make a meal in them. However, some are of the opinion that it can be seasoned after cooking a couple of meals.

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