Skillet Vs Frying Pan

Skillet Vs Frying Pan: Guide Step By Step – Which Things Make Difference?

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Fellows! While in the kitchen, we often use both the utensils Cast Iron Skillet & Frying Pans, and mostly we are not aware of the differences between both the pots. If we refer to dictionaries, frying pans and skillets are translated as the same but with a different origin, i.e., British and North American.

Are There any Considerable Differences Between Cast Iron Skillets and Frying Pans?

The answer to the question above is a big YES! How they are different will be discussed in the coming lines.

But, before we discuss the difference between them both, let’s look at the similarities of both the pots. Cast Iron Skillets and Frying Pans look the same with handles and lids. Both are used for frying, sauté, and simmering as far as we look at as a layman, but when it comes to the experts, they know the exact difference and utilization of both the pans very well.

Cast Iron Skillets and Frying pans look the same in design, but the major difference between the both is the depth of the pan. The second major difference is the material used for casting both.

Cast Iron Skillet vs. Frying Pan is discussed in detail below from different perspectives.

1. Form Factor:

Cast Iron Skillets are precast from cast iron alloy, a mixture of steel and carbon with up to 3.5% carbon factor. Carbon is added to make the metal stronger and more durable to deal with different heat sources. Cast Iron Skillets are deeper in form as compared to frying pans.

While frying pans can be made from Cast Iron or any other metal viz copper, carbon steel, and silver. Frying pans are less deep as compared to skillets.

2. Size and Weight:

Cast Iron Skillets are available in the market in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and you can choose the size of your choice to cook delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. Cast Iron Skillets are heavier in weight as compared to Frying Pans.

There are not many differences in the sizes of frying pans available in the market; frying pans are also available in various designs. Frying Pans are lighter as compared to Cast Iron Skillets.

3. Cleaning

Cast Iron Skillets have simple cleaning, which is done by using soap and lukewarm water. You have to be careful while scrubbing the surface of the skillets, as this can damage the coating of the pot and skillet by being exposed to rust, thus decreasing the useful life of the pan. Cast Iron Skillets are not dishwasher safe.  

Frying pans can also be cleaned using hand wash with the help of soap and lukewarm water. Some frying pans are dishwasher safe, but thorough cleaning is needed after every wash to prevent rust.

4. Utility and Style

Cast Iron Skillets have a higher ability of heat retention and distributing the same along with the surface, thus making them ideal for simmering, steaks, and even for deep frying. Skillets preserve the moisture and make you cook and serve delicious food for your loved ones.

Frying Pans are not as deep as compared to Cast Iron Skillets hence can be used for only frying eggs etc. but will not have any additional utility for cooking or simmering yummy food for your family and loved ones.

5. Durability

Cast Iron is a very hard and durable metal used to casts utensils that last for a longer duration and provide utility for cooking delicious meals for you and your family. Cast Iron Skillets

Frying pans may or may not be cast from the Cast Iron metal. The metal makes a lot of difference in the durability of the pan but. Due to their design and use, frying pans have low useful life compared to cast iron skillets.  

6. Consumption of Fuel:

Due to having a high ability to absorb the heat, Cast Iron consumes more energy at the initial level to make the skillet heat up to the required level.

But, once they are heated up to the required level, their ability to retain the heat and distribute it around the surface enables the user to save some energy.

Compared to cast iron skillets frying pans could be cast of carbon steel, aluminum, or steel. Such metals got heated up too early compared to cast iron but need the source of heat on at all the time while cooking.

7. Heat Retention:

Due to their metal, Cast Iron Skillets retain the heat very well compared to other metals. Skillets are sometimes built with a covering lid, enabling the skillets to retain the heat dynamically.

Frying pans are mostly manufactured with other metals and without any covering lid on them, resulting in less or zero capacity for heat retention.

8. Heat Source:

Both Cast Iron Skillets and Frying Pans can be used on all types of stovetops, wood, electric stoves, or any other direct heat source. Both cast iron skillet and frying pan- cannot be used in ovens.

9. Temperature:

Both Cast Iron Skillets and Frying Pans can be used to a higher temperature level. But durability and exposure of rust make the difference here. Cast Iron Skillets are more durable when exposed to higher levels of heat than frying pans. Frying Pans are easily exposed to rust when used on a higher heat level.

10. Maintenance:

Cast Iron Skillets need to be greased before use after thorough drying. Drying the pan is needed to protect the pot’s coating and reduce the risk of rust.

Rust is the enemy of your utensil; hence you have to be careful to prevent the pot from any possibility of getting rusted. You will have to be careful while cleaning the frying pan and ensuring that the pan is dried before storage.

11. Price:

Best Cast Iron Skillets are costly as compared to frying pans.   So buy the best according to your budget.


After having a detailed fruitful discussion while comparing Cast Iron Skillets and Frying Pans, we have come to a point where we can conclude our discussion regarding both utensils.

As far as the utility of cooking delicious meals for you and your loved ones Cast Iron Skillets are preferred as you can have delicious food by simmering and slow cooking and maintaining the taste, aroma, and moisture of the food. Frying Pans do have the ability for simmering and slow cooking.

Cast Iron Skillets are more durable than Frying Pans available in the market. Cast Iron Skillets are proven to be the best rest is your choice.  

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