Best 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet June 2023 {Review & Buyer’s Guide}


When it comes to tasty and non-stick cooking for a long time, then many people go for cast iron skillets. As antiques, these utensils are counted best due to their amazing seasoning. For healthy cooking, this seasoning layer proves to be useful with iron content.

Along with all other factors, the size of the skillets matters a lot that’s why I come up with the Best 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillets today. This size is more than enough for baking a large size pizza, cake or making steaks or roasting meat.

The construction of these skillets is sturdy enough that you can use them for years. As time passes while cooking with these cast iron pans, it becomes more fun to cook more tasty food in these pans. Its construction copes with stains and dents easily.

The most important thing about these cast iron skillets is their high heat retention. This quality makes these utensils different from all other crockery items. Also, these skillets have a heat resistant handle for easy grip of the pan on the stoves.

Below, I have prepared a list of these 12-inch skillets so; let’s move to them without any delay.

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Best 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillets in 2022 – Quick Comparison:





  • Strong body
  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy and tasty cooking
  • Durable structuring
  • A strong handle cover
  • Smooth bottom
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Perfect size for baking and roasting
  • Safe cooking in ovens
  • Equal division of temperature
  • Non-stick
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Deep bottom
  • Easy to handle
  • Uniform temperature division
  • Easy for outdoor use
  • Organic seasoning
  • Comfortable design
  • Non-stick food making
  • Convenient handling
  • Health friendly cooking
  • Easy to clean and re-season
  • Non-stick food preparation
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight 
  • Equal heat delivery
  • Easy to wash
  • Comfortable to use
  • Indestructible structure

Best 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillets in 2022 – Detail Reviews:

1. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12-Inch):

On the very first, this cast iron skillet is bolting with a fine structure to work on any type of stove, induction, or oven. As the best 12 inch cast iron skillet, it has numerous features to make your cooking easy, tasty ad healthy.


Strong body for prolonged use
Easy to clean without any dishwasher
A handle cover to grip the skillet easily
High retention of heat on all cooking appliances
Healthy and tasty cooking
Equal division of heat to the whole bottom

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12-Inch) Review:

best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Along with the above-mentioned features, this 12 inches cast iron pan is easy to wash with a smooth scrubber and hot water. Its bottom is evenly constructed that’s why it is easy to cook food in it without any worry of the burning of food.

Sturdy Framing:

It has a sturdy construction of cast iron that can easily comply with corrosion. This is the reason that you can use this skillet for a long time without any stains. Its long durable handle is made up of the classic material that’s why it can’t get hot while cooking.

Superb Cooking:

Moreover, this skillet comes up with the perfect seasoning with no leaching of chemicals in your food. You can use this skillet for multiple purposes like roasting, frying or baking, and many more. Its non-stick quality makes your cooking easy at any peak of temperature at the campfire.

Convenient to Maintain:

This 12-inch skillet is framed of lightweight material so; it would be easy for you to maintain it while cooking. Besides, its long and durable handle keeps your hand away from heat. This skillet has a handle cover for making an easy grip on the stoves and ovens.

  • Strong construction

  • A long handle with cover
  • Tasty cooking
  • Even heat catching
  • Easy to clean

  • Average seasoning

Final Verdict:

So, this skillet is bolting with large size to provide you with the remarkable taste of food without burning. Its handle cover will not melt on the heat so it can help you for maintaining the pan easily.

2. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder:

The next is the Lodge cast iron skillets as the best antique cast iron skillet as this brand is trending for a long time. With its elegant design, this cast iron pan is an amazing pick for beginners and chefs as well.


Durable structuring
A long handle for handling on the fire
Smooth bottom for even heat distribution
High-temperature resistance
A strong handle cover
Admiring seasoning layer

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Besides, this brand of seasoned skillets never compromises the strong construction of cast iron utensils. It is easy to wash by hand without using dishwashers. With a small quantity of soap and hot water, you can easily wash it, and then immediately you have to dry it with a clean cloth.

Healthy Seasoning:

When it comes to the seasoning then this skillet is counted as the best 12 inch cast iron skillet. Its seasoning is completely comprised of natural vegetable oils. There is no mixing of any sort of chemicals in it for providing you with chemical-free healthy food.

Strong Silicone Handle:

Furthermore, its strong handle is constructed of heat-absorbing material. That’s why; you can handle your skillets easily with this silicone handle. This sturdy handle cover can resist heat to 450 degrees without melting the silicone construction.

Precise Heat Division:

Its smooth bottom makes it easy for you to bake non-stick cakes and pancakes in this amazing skillet. It has equal distribution of heat on its bottom for making a completely cooked dish. Due to this ability, there is no doubt that no part of your food will be left uncooked.

  • Durable body structure
  • Handle cover addition
  • Equal heat distribution
  • High heat capacity
  • Healthy seasoning
  • Heavy on pocket

Final Verdict:

Thus, this Lodge cast iron skillet is coming up with astonishing features with a long life. You can easily bake pizza of your choice and can also use it for cooking vegetables. It would be a remarkable pick for you guys.

3. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Non-Stick,12-inch Frying Pan:

Let’s move to another pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with a diameter of 12 inches for making it convenient while cooking. Its remarkable design makes it an adorable pick for enhancing your kitchen’s elegance as the best-cast iron skillet size.


Easy to use
Perfect size for baking and roasting
Can be used for indoor and outdoor as well
Can cook even on a campfire

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Non-Stick,12-inch Frying Pan Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

This cast-iron skillet is bolting with tremendous features at a reasonable price with immense cooking capability. Its strong framing makes it easy for you to carry due to its lightweight and easy handling for outdoor.

Versatile Cooking pan:

Moreover, this non-stick cast iron pan can easily bake, fry, broil, grill, or roast different types of food items. For making your trips memorable with its classic cooking, this cast iron pan would be a great choice. You can enjoy the exceptional taste with its non-stick quality.

Easy to Wash:

Some people think this skillet is very delicate to wash with soaps and detergents. For them, I am mentioning that with hot water and kosher salt you can easily wipe out the food residues present in its bottom. There is nothing difficult to wash this skillet.

Evenly Heated Bottom:

This skillet can distribute the heat evenly on its bottom to provide equal temperature to the whole food ingredients. That’s why, without any hurry, you can cook delicious dishes of your choice in it.

  • Easy to maintain
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Delicious food making
  • Convenient to clean
  • Average seasoning

Final Verdict:

Hence, I would say that after seasoning it well with natural vegetable oil you can enjoy healthy cooking with this 12-inch skillet. It would be a superb pick for making your outdoor cooking exceptional.

4. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12-Inch) with Handle:

Another cast-iron skillet is rising with a 12-inch diameter with its comfortable cooking attributes. This skillet has a durable handle for convenient handling and lifting of the pan while making mouth-watered food.


Fantastic construction for high heat absorption
A durable handle for lifting
Non-stick tasty food making
Equal division of temperature
Safe cooking in ovens

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (12-Inch) with Handle Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Besides, its bottom is covered with a prime seasoning layer that acquires all healthy ingredients. For enhancing your cooking skills, this cast iron skillet will be an astonishing selection at an affordable choice.

Superior Structuring:

Talking about its structuring, this is the best-cast iron skillet non-toxic as there is no use of harmful chemicals in its construction. The cast iron material of this pan has prolonged use without burning your food.

Also, its durable handle is constructed of heat-absorbing material that’s why it will not catch heat while cooking.

Precise Temperature Division:

With the precise heat division, you can easily work on the stoves, inductions, and even on campfires. The bottom and edges of this skillet will not burn due to high heat due to its heat-retaining capability. Without any risk of burning food, you can use this admiring skillet.

Multi-purpose Cooking Skillet:

Mostly, you have to pick different cooking utensils for baking, broiling, or frying. But now it’s time to have all this fun with just one pick like this cast iron skillet. It offers you baking, frying, smearing, and broiling all in it with exceptional taste.

  • Easy to lift
  • Versatile cooking pan
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Effortless working
  • Convenient to clean
  • A pre-seasoning layer is of average quality

Final Verdict:

In the end, I will say, you must snap this cast iron skillet due to its large size and superior construction. It will add taste to your food and fulfill your iron deficiency with its natural seasoning and re-seasoning.

5. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet:

It is another product of the Lodge that is rising with its unique attributes for occupying a special place in the market. Its handle cover is one of the best-cast iron skillets accessories for keeping you easy while mixing the food.


Pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil
Deep bottom for easy cooking
Heat resistant handle cover
Easy to handle on different cooking appliances

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Meanwhile cooking, its high heat retention will make you easy for keeping the temperature of your surroundings low. In summers, it would be easy for you to make tasty food items without any increased temperature in your kitchen.

Deep Bottom:

Its deep bottom will keep your food inside the skillet while mixing or handling on the cooktops. Also, its non-stick seasoning is another important thing to note to prevent the burning of the food.

Sturdy Handle Cover:

Cast iron can easily catch the heat and get hot in few minutes. For safe use of this skillet, this brand is offering a strong silicone handle cover to help you out to lift the skillet. It can beat the heat to 500 degrees and easy to wash in a dishwasher.

Applicable on Various Cooktops:

There is no risk of using this skillet in Dutch ovens or campfires. Because it is easy to work on campfires, inductions electric, or fire stoves with the assistance of this cast iron skillet. Due to even heat division, you can easily cook food in this amazing skillet.

  • Excellent for baking
  • Easy to wash
  • Washable handle cover
  • Chemical-free seasoning
  • Easy to work on all cooking appliances
  • Rough finishing

Final Verdict:

So, this amazing cast iron skillet is bolting with a deep bottom and sturdy construction. With its versatile use, you can bake, fry, and fry different food items in this remarkable utensil. The thing you have to take is not to wash it in the dishwasher.

6. Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet:

Another remarkable cast iron skillet is rising with supreme working and pre-seasoning layer. It would be an ample choice for the beginners to polish their cooking skills. This skillet is counted as the best amazon cast iron skillet.


Supreme craftsmanship for long term maneuver
Convenient working on all cooking appliances
Sturdy heat resistant handle to lift while cooking
Elegant black scheme to enhance the beauty of your kitchen
Uniform temperature division to prevent burning of food

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

This wonderful skillet has a healthy seasoning layer that adds iron content to your food for making it healthy. You can easily apply this seasoning again with a natural oil for enjoying non-stick cooking.

Excellent Structuring:

This cast iron pan has a durable structure that is why it will not get rusted after few uses. Its amazing pre-seasoning layer will help you in baking cakes, making steaks, and roasting and smearing meat. What else you want to acquire after all these advantages.

High Heat Capacity:

Also, this skillet can withstand high heat without burning the food material. Its durable construction can resist heat and keep your surroundings cool while making different types of foodstuff. That’s why you can use it in the oven, stoves, or inductions.

Wash with Hands:

You don’t need to procure any dishwasher for cleaning this cast iron skillet. As this is a non-stick utensil so there would be no burnt food in its bottom. You can easily wash it with your hands using a little quantity of soap and then wash it under hot water.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Oven safe utensil
  • Non-stick food making
  • Equal heat division
  • Molded edges for safe cooking
  • Not seasoned properly

Final Verdict:

Thus, this is the best 12 inch cast iron skillet for easy and safe cooking on the stoves, inductions, and open fire. Another amazing thing is its easy washing and you can re-season it after every use.

7. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet:

As Lodge is a brand with a rooted working in America for many years and there is no doubt about the durability of its products. This cast-iron skillet is rising with amazing features and providing you with ease to cook more dishes with a mouth-watered taste.


Perfect seasoning for non-stick food making
Comfortable design for convenient handling
Precise heat catching to prevent burning of food
The amazing taste of the cooked food

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Moreover, this Lodge skillet has a dynamic food-making capability with no burning of any foodstuff. It comprises a handle that is why it is easy to lift it while cooking and serving the guests at the dining table.

Ergonomic Construction:

This skillet is constructed of ergonomic material like cast iron that does not has any health hazards to your health. Also, it will not catch corrosion after its several uses if you take it with care.

The Lodge skillet is constructed of a sturdy element that’s why you can enjoy baking and frying for a long time with its use.

Exceptional Cooking:

It has a perfect layer of seasoning, as time passes and seasoning gets old you will get more tasty food. As the best-cast iron skillet pan, it can provide you with distinguished cooking types like smearing meat, making steaks and vegetables. You will experience an exceptional taste with it.

Chemical Free Skillet:

There is nothing to worry about its construction with the chemical elements. You can enjoy chemical-free food in this remarkable cast iron skillet of 12 inches. After getting heat, there will be no leaching chemicals in your food but your food will be healthy after cooking in this pan.

  • No leaching of chemicals
  • Remarkable cooking
  • Standard construction
  • Ample size for easy cooking
  • Stainless skillet
  • Rough surface

Final Verdict:

So, I have mentioned all the brief descriptions of this cast iron skillet above. It is up to you now, this skillet fits your style of cooking or not. But for me, this is an amazing choice for steaks and cakes.

8. Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned Non-Stick:

The next is another cast iron skillet with its non-stick bottom and pre-seasoning layer. The chefs will ultimately buy this skillet due to its uniform heat division for providing the food with proper heat. It is the best American cast-iron skillet for its long use with fantastic structure.


The right tool for non-stick cooking
Reliable to use on all types of cooktops
Easy to clean and re-season
Health friendly cooking

Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned Non-Stick Review:

best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Moreover, this skillet is easy to lift due to its lightweight. You can dangle it in the kitchen with the hole present its handle.  The astonishing thing is, it can be used for various cooking purposes like baking, broiling, frying, and smearing.

Reliable Cooking Pan:

This is reliable to use due to its even heat distribution and high heat capacity. First, it keeps you comfortable while making food in the kitchen. The second thing is, it will keep your food hot for a long time due to its heat-retaining capability.

Distinctive Construction:

Along with the other features, the distinctive construction of the cast iron skillet makes it unique from the others. Its cast-iron construction enhances its life for prolonged use for enjoying tasty food.

Effortless to Clean:

Without the use of any steel wool and dishwasher, this skillet is easy to clean with hands. You have to pour a small amount of soap or detergent, wipe it with a hand or scrubber and rinse with the hot water to clean the food residues.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Healthy cooking
  • Wash with hands
  • Unique cast iron framing
  • Elegant design
  • Have to re-season after first use

Final Verdict:

This skillet is included as the best 12 inches cast iron skillet for providing you with chemical-free and hot food. Also, it can be used for serving the guests due to its high heat retention and unique design.

9. PIT BOSS 68002 12″ Cast Iron Skillet:

This PIT BOSS skillet is bolting with wonderful characteristics to cope with all the difficulties regarding cooking. With its durable structuring, it ensures its prolonged use with different strategies like baking, smearing, frying, and many others.


Durable construction
Capable of making versatile food items
A long durable handle
High heat capacity for keeping food hot for a long time

PIT BOSS 68002 12″ Cast Iron Skillet Review:best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Along with its indestructible construction, it is comprised immense performance for making non-stick food. For the person who is fond of baking, frying, and smearing, this product will be an astonishing choice to snap out.

Comfortable Maintenance:

It is comprised of a long handle that is made up of strong material. This can resist the heat that’s why you can easily grip on the stoves and inductions for keeping heat away from your hands.

Versatile Performance:

Besides, you should procure this cast iron skillet for enjoying different tastes of the food items. You don’t need to pick separate pans for frying, baking, or smearing. Only with this one skillet, you can make all tasty recipes.

Uniform Heating:

Its uniform bottom catches uniform heat on all the edges of the skillet. That’s why; your food will not be left uncooked from any side. What else you want at an affordable price to have mouth-watering food?

  • High-temperature capacity
  • Easy to hold
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • No lid

Final Verdict:

This cast-iron skillet will be an amazing pick for making non-stick pizza and cakes. For grilling and steaks, this skillet will serve as one of the classic skillets.

10. Ekoteq Frying Pan 12″ Enameled Cast Iron:

The last one is the Ekoteq frying pan with a size of 12 inches to give you ease in cooking. For providing you with healthy seasoning, this skillet is the best 12 inch cast iron skillet. Its prime features are given below.


Indestructible structure
Unique handle and design
Comfortable to use
Easy to wash

Ekoteq Frying Pan 12″ Enameled Cast Iron Review:

best 12 inch cast iron skillet

Also, this cast iron skillet is easy to clean without brushing its bottom with steel wool. You can wash this adorable skillet by hand. Its classic seasoning makes it different from all other trending cast iron skillets.

Easy to Lift:

It has a long and durable handle for lifting the pan from one place to another easily. While cooking, your hands will be safe from the heat due to its heat resistant quality. You can serve the guests easily while holding this long heat resistant handle.

Seasoning without Oil Fumes:

Moreover, this is smoothly seasoned for ensuring non-stick cooking. There would be no spots of oil or water after washing this skillet. This would be an ample choice for you guys for baking different foods in it.

  • Use with ease
  • Convenient to clean
  • Long handle
  • Perfect seasoning
  • No lid

Final Verdict:

For making different kinds of stuff of food in one skillet, you should just snap out this cast skillet. It will give a unique taste to your food with a 20% iron addition in your food. Who will let this opportunity go?


Consequently, I have mentioned a list of the best 12 inch cast iron skillet for enhancing your cooking skills. For your ease, I have explained all the products with their merits and demerits. To satisfy your all queries, you can read out all the descriptions.

Above all products, I like the Lodge cast iron skillet best with its tremendous attributes like high heat capacity, durable structuring, and perfect seasoning.

So, if this article proved to be helpful for you then just drop your valuable remarks. Thank you!


Lodge cast iron skillet is proved to be the best 12-inch skillet to keeping you convenient while cooking.

The Lodge brand is trending as the best-cast iron skillet for its overall attributes.

The Vintage cast iron skillet is the most valuable skillet for its sturdy structure and versatile working.

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