Cast Iron VS Stainless Steel Grill

Cast Iron VS Stainless Steel Grill – Which One Is Better to Buy?

Hola! Are you confused between Cast Iron and Stainless Steel grill? Whenever we see or talk about Grills, it suddenly refreshes the memories of BBQs and outdoor gatherings with friends & family.


We have a BBQ party with family or friends; everyone comes up with an idea regarding the grill because that is the party’s main focus. The size, quality, shape, and material of the grill come under great consideration. Some will share their experiences about stainless steel grills and some about Cast Iron.

Cast Iron VS Stainless Steel Grill

Are there any considerable differences between Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Grills?

Now a question arises.

Yes, there are considerable differences between Cast Iron and Stainless Steel grills. It could be the metal they are made from, their ability to retain heat, their ability to distribute heat, their ease of use and cleaning, and last but not least, the life of the grill for which we are spending a handsome sum of money.

Cast Iron vs. Stainless Steel Grills is being discussed in detail below from different perspectives.

1. Size and Weight:

As far as the size of the grill is concerned, it primarily depends upon your need and what number of people you want to cook while enjoying the gathering. Irrespective of the type of grill, whether Cast Iron or Stainless Steel, size is purely your choice depending upon the number of people and size you can carry with you easily. Try to hunt the best lightweight cast iron grill or stainless steel grill.

Grills are the utensils you need to carry on every outdoor trip with friends and family, which makes the weight of the grill a very important big thing. Cast Iron Grills weigh more than stainless steel.

2. Form Factor:

Cast Iron is an alloy of steel and carbon. This metal is too strong compared to steel and possesses more ability to retain and distribute the heat along with the surface. Cast Iron weighs more as compared to stainless steel.

Stainless Steel is a pure metal and has a very shiny surface compared to Cast Iron. Do you know grills made up of stainless steel have low useful life compared to Cast Iron as excessive heat results in damage and rust of the metal? 

3. Cleaning:

Cast Iron Grills have bumpy, uneven surfaces; that’s why they catch material and dust more than Stainless Steel. Cleaning the Cast Iron Grill is too difficult compared to Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel is a very smooth metal; hence, it is easy to clean Stainless Steel Grill.

4. Utility and Style :

We are living in an era where looks and style matter a lot. The buyers/ users urge to opt for a stylish product and be full of utility.

For both Cast Iron and Stainless Steel grills, there are several designs available with different utilities such as the addition of lids, lids with temperature gauge, space of additional fuel, etc.

5. Durability:

Cast Iron is an alloy that is too tough compared to Stainless Steel. Cast Iron is more resistant to rust, making it more durable than Stainless Steel. Cast Iron Grills last for decades.

Due to excessive heat, stainless steel gets exposed to rust too easily while grilling. The durability of stainless steel grills is just a matter of years against Cast Iron Grills.

6. Consumption of Fuel:

Cast Iron has more ability to absorb the heat well and retain it for a longer time. Whereas Stainless Steel gets heated early but does not have any ability to absorb/ retain the heat. For stainless steel grills, more coal/wood is needed throughout cooking. Cast Iron Grills consume less fuel than Stainless Steel Grills.

7. Heat Retention:

As an alloy and carbon factor, cast iron has a higher heat retention capability. It results in an even distribution of heat along with the surface.  

Stainless Steel cannot absorb/ retain heat for a longer time. This provides an effect like direct cooking through the fuel source.

8. Heat Source:

Both Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Grills can utilize any source for heating, i.e., Wood, Coal & Gas.

9. Temperature:

Both Cast Iron and Stainless Steel grills can survive at high temperatures. The durability of the grill makes the difference. Cast Iron grills last for decades, and stainless steel grills last for years.

10. Maintenance:

Cast Iron is a relatively rough and porous metal, so oil seasoning is needed before every use. Food cooked does not stick to the grill, whereas stainless is a very smooth metal; hence seasoning is not necessary before every cook depending upon the item being grilled.

Cast Iron Grills are difficult to clean as compared to stainless steel grills. For both the grills, it is ideal that grills are dried and seasoned with oil to prevent exposure to rust after a thorough cleaning.

11. Price:

Cast  Iron Grills cost more than Stainless Steel Grills. So consider your budget before buying the best-cast iron grill or the best stainless steel grill.


After going through the above-narrated facts, we are in a position to conclude that Cast Iron Grills possess the ability to retain the heat well and transfer heat directly, i.e., food is seared well, touching the surface directly.

It is extremely durable which can last for decades. On the other hand, they are heavy, can rust quickly, and it takes more effort to clean them.


Stainless steel grills heat quickly, which means you do not have to waste fuel to make them heat up to the required level. Stainless steel does not rust so easily and is easy to clean and maintain compared to Cast Iron.

On the other hand, stainless steel cannot retain heat, lose its non-stick ability over time, warp over time and provide an un-even surface for grilling.

As per reviews of the users and experts, if you are going to change your existing grill or have to buy one, Cast Iron Grill is a good value price rest is your decision.

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